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Damage to the call system leads to high repair costs

Inaccessibility of the call system creates an unsafe situation for the patient


False calls lead to frustration for the patient and healthcare provider

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Sudl is a safe haven for the hospital paging system.

Flexibility and simplicity ensure quick and comfortable operation of the patient's call system.

This increases patient safety,

reduces frustration for healthcare professionals and keeps repair costs under control.

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The fall protection guarantees the accessibility of the emergency button for the patient in the hospital bed, this also prevents damage to the call system.

The Cable Security 

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montage video

The flexible connection

Offers the patient optimal comfort during his or her admission.

The flexible connection gives the patient and healthcare professional the freedom to position the call system according to the needs and wishes of the patient. 

The customizable holder gives any healthcare facility the ability to adapt Sudl to their calling system.

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Every healthcare institution can attach the call protection to the cable of their calling system.


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23 cm min
43 cm max

3 Cm

4 - 6 mm 

Min 2 cm
Max 10 cm


"The healthcare sector has the past year more than ever shown their strength and endurance.

You can only admire it.

This was my chance to give something back.

Thanks! "

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Kim Jolie, Designer and Founder of Sudl

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