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This story has its start and end at exactly the same place:

The hospital bed!

Through the makerhealth project led by Lieven de Couvreur and Katrien De Schepper, the call problem of AZ Maria Middelares in Ghent came to my desk.

The co-creative process with AZ Maria Midddelarres (questioning/prototyping/testing/feedback/adjustment/...) led to an effective product for complex problems in a demanding environment.

Their commitment to solve this problem together was expressed as the laureate of the healthcare invention 2020.

As a functional minded product designer I have focused on adaptability, both for the user and the product itself.

The flexible connection offers location options for placement and the holder is easily adaptable to different calling systems.

In this way, every care institution can purchase a solution for the known problem.

The combination of 2 separate parts ensures easy replacement of the parts, but above all an easy ecological separation of materials after the life cycle of this product.



I see sudl as a tool with which the patient and the healthcare professional search for the optimal feeling of comfort and safety.



Co-creative collaboration




innovation in the healthcare sector


"Prototyping... it's a hobby like any other"

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